Pre-Order The New Album: May 2015 – American Accent

Pre-order the new Mississippi MacDonald and the Cottonmouth Kings albumAmerican_Accent_covers_and_spine 100315-v3

Recorded at London’s LSound Studios along with special guest stars Adam King, Sasha Jacques, Lucy Randall and Phil Dearing, this is genuine, heartfelt and exciting blues from the three times British Blues Award nominated band, all the way from the Thames Delta.

The Cottonmouth Kings are Mississippi MacDonald (Guitar and Vocals), Rossco Blues (Harmonica), BC Black (Bass) and Rob Wilson (Drums).

Pre-ordered copies of American Accent will be shipped in May 2015. Click on the image on the left to go to the store and order your copy.



Track Listing

My Kinda Woman
You Said You Were Leaving
Heading South
Ballad of Pat Hare
The Blues Ain’t All That Bad
If I Could Only Hear My Mother Pray Again
American Accent

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